Jacques Pitrat

LIP6 Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Bootstrapping Artificial Intelligence

I am struck by the slowness of the development of AI.

Although I strongly believe that is certainly possible that artificial beings could be more intelligent than human beings,

I came to doubt that human intelligence could ever realize alone such a difficult task, without an exterior help.

AI systems are the only help that we can hope for.

Thus we must bootstrap AI.

I am realizing the system CAIA, whose goal is to become an Artificial Scientist in Artificial Intelligence.

For the present time, CAIA and myself are collaborating for improving the performances of this system.

In a distant future, when the bootstrap will be completed,

I hope that CAIA will be able to develop AI research without my help.

The following paper describes the state of CAIA at the beginning of 2008:

A Step toward an Artificial Artificial Intelligence Scientist

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See also my book Artificial Beings (The conscience of a conscious machine) ISTE/Wiley, ISBN 97818482211018, March 2009.

You can experiment MALICE, CAIA's solver with 800 Constraint Satisfaction Problems.